Digital Art

Today, illustrators use pixels as well as paint. Photographers alter their images on screen. Graphic designers design their logos and leaflets on a computer.

We too can use computer software to make art – we can draw, we can combine photographs and text, and we can make fun images quickly and easily to use in lots of different ways.

We use digital art to design:-

  • Professional posters and leaflets
  • Printed t-shirts that we can wear
  • CD cases
  • Newsletters, comics and magazines
  • Digital animations
  • Illustrations for CoCoCare’s own website and blog
  • Computer games using the excellent Stencyl

The digital art workshops include lots of practical, hands-on activities, alongside demonstrations, worksheets and handouts.

We use digital cameras, a printer and a scanner, all whilst improving our mouse and keyboard skills and of course we also learning how to use the internet and computer equipment safely.