Our computing workshops make use of laptops running Microsoft Windows to perform a wide range of activities, enabling the development of keyboard skills and an understanding of how computers can be used to access files, scanners, printers and the internet. Our interactive whiteboard is used to explore touch-screen computing applications.

The CoCoCare blog will be updated and maintained by our customers, using digital photography to capture images of other activities, editing the pictures on laptops and then publishing entries using the CoCoCare website’s content management system.

Customers can also work on the CoCoCare Newsletter, which publicises details of our community projects and charitable fund-raising.

Computing activities include:

  • Using Microsoft Office tools including Word, Publisher, Powerpoint and Excel
  • Taking photographs using digital cameras and displaying, editing and printing them
  • Accessing the internet and learning how to find information online
  • Editing blog entries on the CoCoCare website
  • Publishing the CoCoCare Newsletter
  • Using email

For advanced customers with aspirations of being the next Bill Gates, software and game development tools are available to enable the creation of your own applications (although the more computer literate customers may be showing us how to use these tools rather than the other way around!).
Dependant on experience level, tools available include: