Spend some quality time getting back to nature! We use local woodland and other outdoor spaces to learn different bushcraft activities including;

  • Outside Cookery – Learn different ways to cook on an outdoor fire. Experiment with cooking different types of food!
  • Fire building – Keep yourself warm in an emergency by making outdoor fires safely.
  • Natural crafts – Learn how to make a variety of crafts using woodland and natural materials.
  • Basic Army Survival – Discover how the army prepare for and deal with emergency situations. Learn their basic rules for preparation and survival.
  • Nature trails – Discover different types of trees and plants, including which ones can you eat, cook or make fires with in an emergency.
  • Shelter building – Pitch tents and learn how to make real SAS shelters in the woodland.
  • Collecting and making drinking water – Discover how to make river water safe to drink and have a go yourself.
  • Map reading and orienteering – Learn to read maps and navigate around woodland using a compass and natural sources.