Are you a Van Gogh or a Gormley?

       Banksy or Botticelli?

      Da Vinci or Damien Hirst?


Whether you prefer the old masters or modern art, learn the skills to create your own artwork using some of these techniques:

  • Drawing
  • Acrylic or watercolour painting
  • Collage and mixed media
  • Spray painting and stencilling
  • Sculpture with clay, modroc, found objects or papier mache

In our art studio, we will learn about the work of other artists and be inspired by them to create our own art. We will hold exhibitions of our work to show the world our skills and ideas – and maybe make a few sales – you never know, Saatchi might just be looking for the next Tracey Emin!

The workshops include lots of practical, hands-on activities, alongside demonstrations, worksheets and handouts, videos, and visits to art galleries.

We will also learn about using tools and materials safely, about costing and buying materials, presenting and framing artwork, and how to put on an exhibition.

All the profits from sales will go to your favourite charities!