Sport and Leisure

At CoCoCare we recognise the benefits of sport for everyone. Regular exercise improves health and fitness. Health is defined as a state of complete mental, physical and social well-being.

 Mental benefits include:

Improved confidence

Relief of stress/tension and stress related illness

 Physical benefits include:

Losing weight

Improved posture

Improved body shape


Social benefits include:

Meeting people

Making friends


Participating in our sports programmes develop personal qualities such as:

Cooperation – working with others

Competition – testing yourself against others

Physical challenge – testing yourself against the environment or your best performances.

Leisure is also an essential part of our lives. We often visit places of interest such as National Trust properties, animal experiences, coast and woodlands, museums, events and theatre shows. Occasionally, we visit somewhere just because we want to, but more commonly, we plan visits that fit in with a theme we are exploring.

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