Life Stories

Our theme for 2017 was communication. For this, we took on the task of recording our Life Stories.

Everyone has a story to tell that is personal to them, all about who they are and how they became that person. We had ideas that we wanted to share about what we were proud of in our lives, and what we still wanted to do in the future. It could have been a particular event or moment that we wanted others to know about.

Our project was about giving a voice to everybody, so that we could all have a chance to share these important stories from our lives. These stories were then recorded in lots of different ways. Some chose to tell their story in words, on film or recorded on audiotape, while some chose to make a piece of art, or create a dance piece.

Some people also learnt skills to enable them to become the interviewers, to record other people’s life stories. As part of this we learnt about storytelling and how to communicate well. In addition to this, we ran workshops on subjects such as how to listen effectively, and how to read body language, facial expressions and tone of voice.

Most of all, we learnt about expressing ourselves our own ways.