Performing Arts – Wednesday

Our performing arts programme offers a broad range of innovative performance (on stage) and production (backstage) based programmes, focusing on drama, dance and music, as well as exploring other art forms.

Throughout the programme there will be opportunities to present work in varied performance settings, and access the community to attend professional shows and undertake experience of working within the performing arts.

The programme is designed to explore core skills in performing arts to promote creativity and boost confidence, alongside developing communication, problem solving and team work skills.

Throughout our performing arts workshops, our customers will;

  • develop dance, drama and music through technical skills, explore different styles and genres, and get creative with ideas through improvisation.
  • discover the history of different performing artists and groups, as well as finding out about the vast styles of genres around the globe.
  • visit and be inspired by a variety of professional theatre, dance and music productions and review experiences.
  • take part and learn about other art based activities like animation and film making and how they are used within the performing arts.
  • learn about the skills needed to create a piece of drama – facial expression, voice and gestures, role playing, script writing and story boarding.
  • experience other drama influences such as puppetry, physical theatre, circus skills, clowning and miming.
  • discover behind the scenes by attending different performance venues.
  • organise own production for the stage or other settings, and take on the role of performer or work behind the scenes.
  • take part exploring the different ways we can make music, both live and recorded – percussion instruments, digital music, voice and every day objects.
  • practice IT skills and design programmes, tickets and posters for use in marketing performances.
  • learn different choreographic skills to create our own dance pieces.
  • explore the principles of dance – body and space awareness, dynamics, dance formations and performance relationships.
  • learn about music writing and composition, and music production for radio, film, dance and drama.