Arts Award

The Arts Award offers a range of unique qualifications for young people up to the age of 25 to experience the arts, gain skills and be inspired.

There are range of arts forms the Arts Award recognise, these include performing arts, visual arts, literature, media and multimedia, new art forms, heritage activities and a combination of art forms.

The Awards are flexible in their approach, so can be completed at an individual’s pace and the evidence can be recorded in a way that’s suitable to the individual.

The Arts Award is made up of five different levels:

  • Discover  –  Take part in the arts, experience artists work and share your discovery.
  • Explore  –  Take part in the arts, experience artists work, create art work and share your exploration.
  • Bronze  –  Entry Level 3. Experience the arts as an audience member, research an artist, take part in the arts and pass on your skills.
  • Silver  –  Level 2. Challenge your skills, review the arts, research career pathways and lead a project.
  • Gold  –  Level 3. Develop your arts practice and run an arts project.

At CoCoCare, we run Discover, Explore and Bronze for a wide range of young people by inviting them to workshops that will be co-delivered with our customers from CoCoCare.

The Arts award is run by an Arts Award Advisor – here at CoCoCare, Development Manager, Helen Foot is trained to deliver the awards up to Silver.

The Arts Award is managed by Trinity College in London and Arts Council.